rust mingles

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The mass of orange-red gathers atop and overflows, oozing off the edge into the silver abyss...

blue calm

Ahhhh, the night cools, the fog rolls in. I love this time of night. We had fun, drank, talked, laughed until we didn't think we'd hold together any more. Then we laughed some more. Now the air is damp, fresh and the morning begins to show itself. It's wonderful, this feeling, peaceful. I relish the blue calm.


to the point
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Because it must be. Layers and layers of cardinal folds. They weigh on each other. Her present must be special, she must know that I love her, that she herself is special, to me.


Corrugated sky
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He looked up and waited. Longing for the sun. The only glimpse he had of the outside was framed by wire thorns, cold concrete and these clouds won't move away. It's light, he tells himself. Light filtered through the clouds. The sun will show itself soon.

toni's nap

It's a green world Toni lives in, filled with water and leaves. He rests nestled, comforted, trying to blend. The hiding place makes him feel safe and he sleeps for a while. What do fish dream? It might be red and blue, red and blue, and very green. It's his own little world.

dragon flight

The huge, flapping wings move the air. He rotates and looks at his land from every angle, checking, deciding. Today is a day like most others -- he must eat. So he looks over his territory and spots his meal. It's a beautiful, bright trout swiming up the creek toward the mountains. It's big as far as trout go, satisfying. So the dragon swoops sideways and gets an angled view of the scenery, goes in for the hunt. Fold the wings, take a dip, sushi's on the menu today.